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Man arrested after SWAT standoff near Griffith Creek

A Marion County man who barricaded himself in a garage on Tuesday night was early Wednesday following SWAT negotiations.

Deputies with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call around 10:00 pm regarding a person threatening suicide at a home on Whitwell Mountain near the Griffith Creek community.

When deputies arrived at the scene in the 500 block of Lee Morrison Road, they learned that 45-year-old Douglas A. Floyd had barricaded himself with a 9mm handgun and a rope.

Deputies secured the area and the Marion County Special Response Team was called to the scene who spoke with Floyd over the phone around 11:30 pm. Floyd threatened that he would shoot the first officer who came through the door.

Hamilton County SWAT was then called in to assist around midnight.

Detectives say they spoke with Floyd several times over the telephone and by text messages throughout the negotiation process in hopes he would surrender. He continually threatened to kill any law enforcement officer who entered. He said he was armed with over 1000 rounds of armor piercing ammunition, gunpowder, and gasoline.

Floyd did appear in the doorway at one point holding a handgun but immediately went back inside. Officers also heard noises coming from inside the garage that sounded like Floyd was barricading all entryways into the building.

Following that, law enforcement intervened after determining that Floyd was not going to surrender peacefully. Hamilton County SWAT successfully breached the garage door of the building exposing Floyd, who was armed with a handgun. One deputy also shot into the garage.

Floyd surrendered and was taken into custody just before 3:00 am on Wednesday. He was injured during the incident and taken to an area hospital. No further details are available regarding his condition. He is expected to be incarcerated in the Marion County Jail with multiple charges following treatment and likely a mental evaluation.

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