OPINION: When a representative does NOT represent

When a representative does NOT represent.

A person who works for another person or persons, represents those other people, and has a fiduciary responsibility to report back to them.  When that representative blatantly lies in his report back to those he represents he makes them responsible for his lies.  In any other business, that representative would be fired, but not in politics.

On July 14, 2018, Scott DesJarlais wrote in Twitter “Add hacking to long list of Obama Admin failures to counter Russia in Ukraine, Crimea, Syria. Canceled E. Europe missile defense. Uranium One. Iranian nuke deal, all empowered Vladimir Putin. Also, “extremely careless” Hillary Clinton’s servers compromised Democrats, rest of us.” 

That statement includes proven lies and deceit.  DesJarlais’ tweet is an effort to throw a bunch of stuff against the wall and see if it sticks.  First of all, Multiple congressional hearings found NO WRONG DOING on the part of Hillary Clinton, which means that is NOT responsible.  Next, Uranium One is a Canadian Company and only needed US approval based on an agreement between Canada and the US.  There is no basis for not approving any deal of that nature, so even the suggestion of anyone getting paid for that approval is preposterous.   Next, the subject of hacking actually puts DesJarlais on the hot seat, since he was part of a Congress that refused to address the subject, making him partly responsible, with the rest of Congress.  Possibly you could quibble over the severity of the lies and deceit, but the fact remains that they are still dishonest.  Mr. DesJarlais has a long track record of dishonest, irresponsible behavior that demonstrate a total lack of integrity.  Because of that, he has completely failed to properly represent We The People.

In todays world it is too easy to point out what is wrong, and complain, but I put forth a solution.  Voting for Mariah Phillips will restore true representation with integrity.  As a mom and a teacher, she brings forth the same experiences and you and I, and she understands the challenges that face us all.


-D.R. Colin, Jul. 19, 2018

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