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Active Shooter Drill scheduled for Whitwell schools on November 2nd

A heavy police and sheriff’s deputy presence will be noticeable on Friday, November 2nd, 2018 at the Whitwell schools as the Marion County Sheriff’s Department along with other local law enforcement agencies take part in an ‘active shooter drill’ on the school campus

Officials with the Marion County Sheriff’s Department say the drill will look real but want to get the word out to the public now that it’s nothing more than a drill.

Just to note, Marion County Schools will not be in session for students on that day due to a previously-scheduled staff development day for teachers, but plans to operate in cooperation with law enforcement officials by placing all Whitwell schools on a “hard lockdown” — which means nobody will be allowed to enter or exit the schools or school grounds for the duration of the lockdown Meanwhile, other schools in the county will be on a “soft lockdown” for the drill

Sheriff’s Department officials say the primary purpose of these active shooter and other similar drills are to provide training and practice to their deputies and others in local law enforcement in the event they were ever faced with handling an actual crisis situation at our area schools.

In past years, drills have taken place at Jasper Elementary and Marion County High School, which gained a lot of attention from the public despite notifying the public ahead of time. The Sheriff’s Department hopes that by letting the public know in advance, they will share the information with others (especially those who may not have access to the internet and social media) and it will reduce some concern from those who may see the heavy police activity. They also wish the public to know of their continued commitment to serving our community and protecting the youth in our local schools.


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