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Much ghoulishness about Trick-or-Treat changes, as Marion County kids prepare for treats on Tuesday, Oct. 30th, 2018

It was announced a little over two weeks ago that the County Mayor in conjunction with city mayors in the county have requested the change in trick-or-treating in the counties major areas to Tuesday, October 30th rather than the traditional — actual Halloween night of October 31st.

County Mayor David Jackson and other officials say it was changed after a poll was conducted among the local city mayors and was taking into consideration that Wednesday is often known as a traditional “church night” in our area and they felt after talking to several church leaders it would be a good idea, too.

The change has caused quite the ruckus locally and raised a rather spirited debate over changing holidays in the future.

“It’s just dumb,” says Tiffany Powell of South Pittsburg.

“I work second shift and requested Halloween night off so I could take my two boys out trick-or-treating, and now I can’t. I have to request vacation days off a month in advance and now that it’s approved, they go and change the date? Now I can’t go and my kids are disappointed and I’m heartbroken. They really didn’t think this through at all!”

Powell was only one of several echoing the same reasons while others say that it just causes confusion.

“We live in a subdivision that’s visited by hundreds of trick-or-treaters each year and I fear this year we’re going to get double-dipped because of the confusion,” one resident of Jasper’s Gamble Subdivision said.

Rev. Logan Jackson of Holly Avenue United Methodist Church in South Pittsburg said he wasn’t sure who county leaders reached out to at local churches, but he wasn’t one of them.

“No one from the county mayor’s office or even a city administrator contacted me. We had planned to cancel our services for the night anyway due to all of the added traffic on the roads and families taking part in activities, but we were never contacted for any opinion on the matter,” Jackson said.

Despite the confusion and chaos it may have caused for some, trick-or-treating will go on…whether you do it on Tuesday night or Wednesday. Just don’t be offended if you don’t get anyone to answer the door on one or the other of those nights. After all, it really just depends on what the homeowners have decided to do!

Jasper, South Pittsburg, Whitwell, Powells Crossroads, Kimball, Sequatchie, and other local communities and cities are encouraging would-be trick-or-treaters to do it on Tuesday night despite their desire to be a Halloween rebel.

If you’re still confused or just in a state of anxiety, never fear — there’s a block party, trunk-or-treat, and other events happening all over the valley on your night of choice….and communities across the state line in Alabama are celebrating on Wednesday if Tuesday just doesn’t feel spooky enough for you.

Whichever or however you choose to celebrate, we hope you’ll do it safely! Remember to be cautious of slow-moving cars with children going to-and-from for trick-or-treating and watch for pedestrians in neighborhoods and on nearby roads. And if you’re taking part, make sure to wear reflective clothing or have a light and mind pedestrian traffic rules for your safety.

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