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Marion County Election Results from November 6, 2018

The results are in from Tuesday’s Midterm Election, and locally in Marion County there were several key races to be decided for seats within the Marion County.

In Jasper, voters chose Jason Turner and Mac Bumpus for the two Alderman seats on the ballot. Kimball voters also had two Alderman seats, choosing Teresa Lofty Childs and Johnny Sisk. Two Whitwell City Commission seats were decided — with Mike Dillon and Joshua Eggert-Michael taking in the votes there.

Matt Stone took a landslide 55% of the votes (or 113 votes) for the South Pittsburg City Commission District 4 seat, beating out opponents Paul Don King with 24% (50 votes) and Delorah Starkey with 21% (43 votes). Ronnie Lancaster received 120 votes for the South Pittsburg City Commission District 3 seat.

In Powells Crossroads, Dwight Richards received 405 votes for the Mayor’s seat, while Terry Lawson received 382 votes for the Alderman seat and Greg Davis 392 votes for the unexpired term Alderman seat.

The Town of Monteagle Alderman seats come from a three-county total since the city limits is spread out over Marion, Grundy and Franklin counties. These provisional numbers are not the final vote, but the numbers available from the Marion County Election Commission as of 9:00 AM CST Wednesday morning.  The three county numbers for the two Monteagle Alderman seat shows Rebecca “Becky” Byers with 250 votes and Anthony “Tony” Gilliam with 249 votes, both ahead of Ronald Terrill (167 votes) and Anna L. “Susie” Zeman (179 votes).

In Orme, three Alderman seats were on the ballot — Ann L. Eberle received 24 votes, Jerry E. Godsby received 28, and Peter Yantes received 22 votes.

Another item on the ballot for Marion voters was the Consumption of Premises Referendum (commonly known as liquor by the drink), which will allow businesses to apply for a license to sell beverages with an alcohol content at or above 8% — which was approved — with 6.081 Marion voters saying YES to only 2,754 saying NO.

On to the Tennessee Gubernatorial Race…

A majority of Marion voters chose Republican Bill Lee with 6,304 votes (68.51%) over Democrat and former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean with 2,801 (30.44%) votes. Several Independents were on the ballot, the most notable being Sherry L. Clark with 39 votes (0.42%) from Marion County.  Lee, of course, was the winner across the board in the state, with Dean only taking the lead in his home county — Davidson (Nashville) along with Haywood and Shelby Counties.

For the US House of Representatives – District 4 race; 6,305 votes (67.69%) were cast in Marion County for incumbent Scott DesJarlais (R), to Democrat Mariah Phillips’ 2,708 votes (29.88%) and Independent candidate Michael Shupe’s 220 votes (2.43%). DesJarlais received a total of 147,196 votes (63.69%) to Phillips’ 77,955 (33.57%) over the entire 4th District.

Marsha Blackburn was also very popular with Marion voters, receiving 5,819 votes (63.64%) to former Governor and Democrat Phil Bredesen’s 3,157 (34.53%) votes in the county. Trudy Austin was the Independent candidate receiving the highest number of votes in the county with 66 votes (0.72%). Blackburn, of course, won the seat with a total of 1,225,352 (54.74%) votes across the state in what’s been a very heated race with more political attack ads on television than any other senate candidates most can think of in recent history.

For the Tennessee House of Representatives – District 92; Republican incumbent Rick Tillis received 2,804 (64.47%) votes over Democrat C.S. “Scott” Coffey’s 1,545 (35.53%) votes. District 92 totals indicated Tillis would retain his seat with 75.13% of the votes.

Republican Iris Rudder received 3,111 votes (68.09%) from Marion voters to Sharon “Layne” Adams 1,399 (31.02%) votes for the Tennessee House or Representatives – District 39 seat vacated by Republican David Alexander last year.

For more information and the most updated numbers and full county-by-county breakdowns, visit http://elections.tn.gov or the Marion County Election Commission website for more on local races at www.marionvotes.com.

*NOTE: State Races and some local races are only provisional numbers or they are unofficial results until certified.



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