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Mobile pet grooming service now open for Marion and surrounding counties

Pet owners love their dogs and cats but they don’t always love bringing their pet to the grooming salon. Their pet may get anxious or not do well traveling. The pet owner might also be busy and unable to take a half day to attend to their pet’s grooming needs or they may not be able to travel themselves. These problems now have a solution in our area with a new mobile pet grooming service that is now open.

Zoom Groom Mobile Pet Spa, LLC began operations recently in the three-county area of Marion, Franklin, and Coffee County. Owners Laura and Richard Ray have opened the doors on their state-of-the-art mobile grooming spa, which can accommodate most any dog or cat.

Zoom Groom owners Laura and Richard Ray is seen in front of their state-of-the-art mobile grooming van…

“That’s right! We said cats!” says co-owner and groomer Laura Lee Ray. An experienced groomer with over 30 years of experience, she has groomed pets both in the United States and abroad. She, along with her husband Richard, a retired non-commissioned officer in the U.S. Air Force, owned a mobile pet grooming service in the Fort Walton Beach area of Florida for several years. They sold that business and moved to Tennessee in 2012. After working for a local grooming and boarding business for six years, Laura decided that she wanted to be her own boss again.

“I love working with animals,” said Ray. “I love taking a dog that is messy and turning him into something artistic.” Relying on her training at the Pedigree Professional School of Dog Grooming where she was certified in All Breed Dog and Cat Grooming, she takes pride in making the most unkempt pet look good and feel great.

“Mobile grooming has a lot of advantages over a grooming shop experience,” she added. “With mobile grooming, caging of pets while they await grooming is eliminated. There is less stress on the pet and there are no other animals in the mobile spa. The pet is bathed and groomed with individual attention then returned to their owner at their home or business.”

Zoom Groom Mobile Pet Spa, LLC offers a service that is hard to find in this area. With the mobile pet spa, they can go anywhere and groom at any time. Their hours of operation are flexible to meet the needs of any pet owner. Their mobile spa, built by industry leader Wag’n Tails Mobile Conversions of Indiana, is completely self-contained. “We do not have to use any of our client’s utilities!” said Ray.

The custom-built mobile van is completely-equipped with everything needed on-board and ready to roll to your location…

“The van is equipped with water storage, climate control, and an 8,000-watt generator so the pet can be bathed, groomed, and dried in comfort. Pet owners with busy schedules will appreciate not tying uptime taking their pets to the groomer,” says Ray. “We’re as close as your front door!”

Reservations are now being taken for appointments, “We are looking forward to serving the needs of the local community,” she concluded.

More information about Zoom Groom Mobile Pet Spa, LLC  and their grooming services can be found by visiting their website at http://zoom-groom.com or by calling them at (423)403-0123 in Marion County or (931)313-9950 in Coffee County. You can also find them on Facebook — search Zoom Groom Pet Spa.

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