There’s Always Hope Barking Legs Theater Survey By Hope Holloway

Theater fans….Barking Legs Theater wants to hear from you! They recently posted that “we are pausing our productions for a short while to reassess how we can best continue to present and support artists through our venue and online presence”. The management wants to ensure they are presenting safely, keeping the artists going and giving the public want they want, all at the same time.

As such, they have created an online survey that they would love for you all to fill out. The survey can be found here:… . Barking Legs will have the survey up until the end of July, so that you all have time to get to it and make your opinions known! I filled out the questionnaire recently, and it only took a few moments.

Barking Legs Theater entreats you to give them some insight into how you wish to engage in the arts in the near future, during this topsy-turvy time. So please click the link above and spend just a few moments weighing in, and I’m sure that Barking Legs will appreciate your input!

Thank you, folks…and until next time remember, there’s always Hope!

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