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There is Always Hope

A Chat with Artist Jenn Webster

By:  Hope Holloway


From the moment Duke Raulston asked me to write about Arts and Entertainment in the Chattanooga area, I knew that I had to write about Jenn Webster. She’s a dear friend, but that’s beside the point. Jenn is also a multi-talented creative and I’ve always admired her imagination and artistry.  Jenn can dance with abandonment, and she excels at writing as well. 


Let’s talk about her beautiful dancing. I’d seen videos of Jenn dancing, and I’ve always been struck with the way she is able to let go of everything and just DANCE. Her style is definitely intriguing. I asked Jenn about her dance background, and she filled me in on the steps–pun intended–that she took to get to where she stands (spins?) now. 


Jenn explained that she danced some as a child, but she started training more intensely at thirty eight years of age. It was then that she began dancing with Ann Law (owner of Barking Legs Theater)–with an improvisational style, working from within the body out. Later, Jenn studied contemporary dance at WEAVE, a conceptual dance company in Chattanooga. Jenn has also studied with Ballet Tennessee, where she focused on ballet technique before they closed their doors last Spring. As for performances, Jenn has danced all over Chattanooga–including venues such as Barking Legs Theater, Give-5, WEAVE, Ballet Tennessee, and numerous charity functions, to name a few. If you get a chance to see Jenn dance, I suggest you take it. 


Now I know that Jenn does several different types of writing, so I asked her to explain for us what all categories of writing for hire she’s available for. Jenn says she does marketing writing–print ads, radio ad scripts, content marketing, etc. She writes both columns and ads for magazines, as well. As creative as Jenn is, I know that these ads contain her special flavor of flair, as well. Jenn explained to me that whether writing is magazine or marketing, it’s all still storytelling–she’s telling a story about the client’s service, product or art. Jenn really loves the process of learning about people and having that ability to tell the tales. 


Next, I’ve been asking all of the artists that I have interviewed how the pandemic has been affecting them. Jenn says the main difference in her area of writing is that there is still writing needed, but because of the pandemic some of the clients have less money to spend on it. For example, Jenn writes for The Pulse. There is no ad money coming in there, so she’s writing for free to help make sure the paper still goes up online. It’s like Jenn explained, “people are still making art, there just isn’t as much money in it”. 


I also wanted to ask Jenn what being an artist in today’s Chattanooga means to her. Jenn assures me that she loves making art in the Scenic City. She says, of course there’s a history here, and we’re still wrestling with problems–but we’re creating a new Chattanooga for the future, in the process. Jenn adds that working with the amazing artists that this city has to offer is truly inspiring, as is the gorgeous nature that we get to be surrounded by on a daily basis. 


So now that you know a bit more about Jenn Webster’s special brand of magic, if you’d like to hire her to dance or write or create, drop her a line at: jennelisewebster@gmail.com! And until next time, don’t forget–there’s always Hope!


The Black and White Photo and The Red Dress Photo are Courtesy of David Stevens

The photo at The Hunter Museum is Courtesy of The Hunter

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