Glitz and Glam By: Hope Holloway

Glitz and Glam

Skin-Care Tips

By Hope Holloway


Let’s talk a bit about skin-care today, Lovelies! Taking care of our skin is so important, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the choices of products out there, and often a lack of time hinders us as well. Just to get us started down the road to radiant skin, I’m going to tell you first about some things to avoid, and then about a household item that works great for moisturization!


So what should you stay away from in lotions, moisturizers, etc.? ALCOHOL. It can severely dry out your skin, and it’s hiding in more products than you might suspect. I love scented lotions as much as the next person–and I have a huge collection of Bath & Body Works hand creams and body lotions–but I use them sparingly just for a layer of scent, and not for any real moisturization purposes, because I know they contain a great deal of alcohol. Alcohol is used in most scented lotions to keep the cream from separating into oil and liquid. 


With other products that have a more “natural” image–like Mrs. Meyers ( a brand they sell at Ace Hardware, through Grove Collective and elsewhere)–one would assume they have less chemicals and to be free of alcohol. Now, I’m usually a label reader, but a while back I purchased some Mrs. Meyers products. They are advertised containing “essential oils and other thoughtfully chosen ingredients”. Sounded good to me–and they have wonderfully light, natural scents to them. I bought the soaps and the lotions, and put both on the bathroom sink for regular use.


We’d been using them for a few weeks when my hubby, John, told me that his hands were getting super dry. Once he mentioned it, I realized that my hands had felt parched as well. And then I remembered we were using new soaps and lotions.  I thought, surely not….but I went to check the labels, and sure enough, there it was. ALCOHOL. So you just never know where alcohol and harsh chemicals will be hiding, but keep them away from your skin if at all possible and your skin will thank you! 


Now for my tip involving something that most of us have around the house! Olive Oil. I wouldn’t use it if you have quite oily skin already, but otherwise, Olive Oil works as a fantastic moisturizer. For years I complained of dry skin, mostly in the winter, and my mom told me to use Olive Oil. I thought that just sounded weird (like some of you may be thinking right now!), but eventually I tried it. You just take a few drops–a little goes a long way–and gently massage the Olive Oil onto your face, your hands, elbows, knees or anywhere that you need to moisturize.  Well, you know what? It’s amazing. Your skin will soak it in and you’ll be looking dewy soft and supple, I promise you. Other than a face moisturizer, it can be used as a gentle way to remove eye makeup. 


Olive Oil has been shown to have vitamins in it that may be healing for your skin. It has antioxidants, which are great for anti-aging, and studies show that Olive Oil contains antibacterial elements as well. 


I’ve since tried Avocado Oil, also. Personally, I think Avocado Oil has an even silkier, smoother texture than Olive Oil; however, it’s more expensive than Olive Oil and either one works just fine. And as I mentioned, with Olive Oil, that tends to be something many of us have around already. Now, you can make a handy hair mask with Olive Oil as well–but that’s another tip for another day.  


That’s all for today, Lovelies! Take care of your skin, stay glam, and I will be back with more tips next week!

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