Glitz and Glam By: Hope Holloway

Glitz and Glam

Behind the Mask

By Hope Holloway


Hello there, my Lovelies! I’ve recently been asked by some ladies in healthcare to discuss ways to feel pretty and confident while wearing a mask.  Even before the pandemic, there are those professions where one spent a lot of time in masks. Now this occurrence is amplified, so it’s a great time to talk about ways to feel just a little bit more put together while doing so!


First, you are working a lot of hours under trying conditions. You’re probably a great bit stressed. My advice is to find a few ways to fit some relaxation into your routine, even if it seems that you don’t have time to. You look better when you feel better. I’ll be writing more columns later on mindful relaxation, but here are a few tips to get you going. 


Get a little spray bottle and fill it with distilled water and some drops of pure lavender essential oil. (The amount of drops depends on the size of the bottle, but feel free to ask me or Google it, if you’d like.) Shake to mix. Now you have a lavender spray that you can use a number of ways. You can spray it lightly on your pillow for help sleeping. You can carefully–avoiding your eyes–spray it right on your face as a refreshing spritzer. (It might be wise to try a small test spot on your arm or hand to see if you are allergic to lavender before you spray it on your face.) You can also spray it around your room, as a tranquil room spray. 


Here’s another calming tip. With washing your hands as much as is needed lately, applying hand lotion or cream is a must. But if you have even a few seconds more to spare, massage the lotion into your hand instead of just slathering it on quickly. I realize while working you might not have time for this, but when you do have time for it, you’d be amazed how much tension this small act soothes (and it can also relieve headaches–though I’m not a doctor or scientist…just my personal opinion) . Also, if you have a spouse or significant other, massage some lotion into his or her hands when you have time and I assure you, they will be quite appreciative!


Now that you are hopefully a bit more relaxed, let’s talk about makeup behind the mask. You don’t want to wear a lot of makeup in the areas where the mask covers, so that you can avoid breakouts, etc. I’d suggest just a lightweight tinted moisturizer for your skin and a balm on your lips. Above the mask though…if you have a minute while getting dressed for work and you would like to play up your eyes, I have some ideas for you!


First, a little highlighter across the top of the cheeks will brighten up that area and make you glow! Next, since your eyes are most of what shows above your mask, don’t be afraid to go for it and really play them up. Now is the time to try a bold eye color you might not have had the nerve for before. Try various eyeliner looks, and colors. Play around with a colored mascara. 


Below a picture of one of my bolder eye looks. (Ignore my eyebrows…they are wild, and I didn’t take the time to tame them.) I first took a silver color (Platinum Shimmer ShadowSense by SeneGence–I sell SeneGence if you are interested) and filled in across the entire eyelid as a base. I then used a red (Bandana Shimmer ShadowSense) across my crease. For the area from the middle of my lashes out, I used a blue (Turquoise ShadowSense). To brighten up the inner corner area of my eyes, I used a creamy yellow (Buttercup Shimmer ShadowSense). I topped it off with mascara (Black Waterproof LashSense), and called it a day.  If I’d had more time, I might have done eyeliner…but with colors that bold, it’s not even really necessary.


One reason I chose this look in particular to show you all a bold eye with, is because a lot of people still think that blue eyeshadow should be left in the 1980’s. I like to show that if not smeared across the entire lid, blue eyeshadow can be made to look modern, classy and can be a lot of fun. But I digress! This is just one example of a bold eye look, but there are a number of ways to get those peepers to pop above your personal protective gear. 


If you aren’t sure where to begin, use the basic formula of light color across the lid, medium color in your crease, darkest color from mid lashes out near lashes and then the poppiest, lightest color in your inner eye. Within that formula, just play around with colors until you find what you like best! 

I hope that if you try these tips they give you confidence galore! More next week, Lovelies! Stay glam!


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