There’s Always Hope By: Hope Holloway

There’s Always Hope

Crazy Flute

By Hope Holloway


If you are looking for some virtual fun tonight, don’t hesitate to tune into @CrazyFlute01. This band from Sand Mountain plays internationally recognized Tribal Fusion Music.  You have Jack Flute Holland on vocals, flutes and drums; Keith Professor Talley on drums and flutes and Dana Phoenix Holdren on traveling drum and general management. 


Be sure to go to the link above to “like” their page and see what they are all about, and here’s the link to tonight’s online concert:


They say they are trying to “help entertain and amuse during these trying times”, which is certainly commendable. So give them a listen, and you’ll see why they have won so many awards and accolades! 


Until next time, don’t forget: There’s always hope (and Hope!)!

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