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Advertising online is the fastest growing, most dynamic and least expensive way to advertise your business, product or service. And in Marion County, MarionCountyMessenger.com is the top venue for Internet advertising in the Jasper-South Pittsburg-Kimball-Whitwell local areas.

MarionCountyMessenger.com is one of the most read online newspapers in the tri-state area with a wide readership of close to 20-thousand visits a month from direct traffic to the site and through our social media followers. That readership along with being a trusted source for news and information can help get customers to your website or made aware of your business or special event.

The cost for advertising in MarionCountyMessenger.com for a month is about the same as for just one single day in a print newspaper. Your ad stays on the screen seven days a week, 24 hours a day. And we can tell you exactly how many of our readers are clicking onto your website from MarionCountyMessenger.com as well as the number of impressions (when it is on a screen that a reader is on).

Our banner ad and skyscraper ad are in rotations, so that your ad does not come up on every screen, but will be seen several times as the reader clicks from section to section and calls up various articles. With the reader going to perhaps 8-12 screens per visit, your banner ad will be seen several times.

Your ad will automatically click to your website, or to a page you specify (or even a page we can make up for you with your text and pictures).

And…best of all… MarionCountyMessenger.com is FREE to all readers. There is no “paywall” or subscription to a print paper needed, which greatly limits the number of local potential readers seeing your advertisement on other sites and from other news providers.

Some advertisers provide their own banner ads or graphics (camera ready); however, we are able to provide a colorful design for your ad at no extra charge or something more customized with graphics, pictures, and special details for just a small one-time fee. We’ll email you the design and let you approve it before it is posted.

We have weekly and monthly rates, but remember that repetition is the key to advertising effectiveness, so we encourage our advertisers to keep their ad on for an extended time. Just one month may not be effective in any advertising medium. We have affordable and negotiable multi-month commitment prices and there is even a discount for paying a year in advance.

Choose the #1 position — the top page horizontal banner ad at 728×90 pixels for $100 per month or get huge visibility in the #2 position with our 160×600 pixel vertical skyscraper banner ads at the right side of all our screens for $80 per month. The #3 position includes all 250×250 pixel ads in the right column (under the skyscraper ads and in placement in/around social media links and other promotional links) is $50 per month. There is a maximum of five ads that will be running at one time in the #1 or #2 positions. The #3 position will remain static for local ads not served through alternate revenue sources. The #4 position is 728×90 pixel horizontal banner ad (similar to the #1 position) located at the bottom of the page which is also in a rotation similar to #1 and #2 positions and is available for $70 per month.

You will gain maximum exposure with a Prime Sponsorship. You will be in the rotation for a wide 728×90 at the top of each page and a 250×250-pixel spot also in rotation on all pages and articles. Cost of the Prime Sponsor is $165 per month (or $1,800 for a full year — payable up-front).

We also offer :30-second and :60-second radio advertisements on our online radio station — MarionCountyMessenger.com Community Radio. The radio service is online only and available through or website on your computer or mobile smart phone or device. You can also use the free Nobex Radio app to listen to our station simply by searching for local radio in the Marion County area. Ad rates for the online radio stream are $100/month for :60-seconds or $45/month for :30-seconds. Spots will air multiple times each hour during regular programming. We also bring special programming to listeners such as Whitwell High School Football in partnership with WKWN Radio and TV and Marion County Warriors Football with WTNW-AM and WEPG-AM.  Advertising for those broadcasts are sold separately prior to the season start.

We also offer radio ads at a 50% across the board discount as a bonus buy for our web ad purchases — inquire today to learn more!

If you are interested in advertising on MarionCountyMessenger.com, just email sales@MarionCountyMessenger.com or call (423)228-0020 to take advantage of our low ad rates.

We hope you will join our current advertisers:

  • Hair Depot
  • Rogers Funeral Homes
  • Snack Shack
  • Star Pawn & Gun
  • Reed Funeral Home Whitwell
  • Capable Creative Solutions
  • Whitwell Raceway
  • WTNW-AM Radio
  • Andrea’s Psychic Visions

…and others!

If you are interested in advertising on MarionCountyMessenger.com, just email sales@MarionCountyMessenger.com or call (423)228-0020 to take advantage of our low ad rates.



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