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Recipe of the Week: Red, White and Blue, By Regina Walker

Recipe of the Week Red, White, and Blue By: Regina Mae Walker Red Tomato Puffs This is a spin on the classic tomato pie. They make a great side or appetizer and travel well. INGREDIENTS 1 box puff pastry (each sheet cut into 12 squares) 2 cups mayonnaise 2 cups shredded cheeses (I prefer mozzarella …

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Glitz and Glam By: Hope Holloway

Hi all! Let me tell you a bit about myself so that you understand why I wanted to start this weekly glamor guide. I grew up with a delicate balance of Girly-Girl and all out Tom-Boy. I had a Master-Cosmetologist Mama, two older brothers and a passel of mostly male cousins. It never seemed odd …

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Become a Sponsor

We all hope that you are enjoying the content that we have been creating. We would like to ask you to consider become a sponsor of The Marion County Messenger on Patreon. We don’t have any perks listed yet, but I will tell you that we are working on some really cool stuff. I am …

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Bridgeport accepted into Thrive Regional Partnership’s 2019 Thriving Communities program.

Bridgeport, Alabama, Dayton, Tennessee, and LaFayette, Georgia to join third round of the regional creative placemaking program. The City of Bridgeport, in Jackson County, Alabama, is excited to be a part of the 2019 Thriving Communities Program. The Thriving Communities program is a community accelerator program designed to enhance leadership and community development throughout southeast …

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Booger Holler: Part Two

Booger Hollow Part II By: Duke Raulston Art By: Teddy Whittenbarger I didn’t tell my folks I was here. I couldn’t very well tell them where I was headed, could I? I camped across the road from Booger Holler. I have spent many nights camping in the mountains. I am used to things that go …

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Booger Holler: Part One

Booger Holler Part 1 By: Duke Raulston Art By:  Teddy Whittenbarger   I was eight years old again and sitting on the steps of Goodman’s filling station with Uncle Dan. He was telling that story about Booger Holler. The old man’s hands were shaking, sweat dripping off the tip of his nose. God, I could …

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In Sepia

In Sepia By Hope Holloway Room Colored Sepia Hardwood floors Colored Deep Veils Hanging low Memories Show Gears Clocks Boxes With treasures Piano keys Hammered Not your average Tinkle Violin Fast With hardly A wrinkle I stand Long white dress Ruffles Lace Leather cumberbund Cameo Boots With heels That click click click On the floor …

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Taste in The Valley: 4th of July BBQ Restaurant Review Ramsey’s BBQ: Take Out Only $

  Taste In The Valley By: Regina Mae Walker 4th of July BBQ Restaurant Review Ramsey’s BBQ: Take Out Only $ For most of us the 4th of July is a time for sun, fun, and food. Bar-b-que is an American classic because it has been wide spread, each part of the country putting their …

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There Is Always Hope: Drogo Coffee and Tea

Drogo Coffee and Tea By Hope Holloway   When I called Barrie Clark Sanders–owner and roaster extraordinaire at Drogo Coffee and Tea–I expected to get some useful information for this article, but I didn’t expect to have such a grand time and to find another kindred spirit. This lady is an absolute hoot, and she’s …

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Shelf Cloud over South Pittsburg, Photo By: Casey Tierney

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Erin’s Porch

Love in the Time of Covid19 By:  Erin Lofty Wininger   We are currently deep into what is traditionally wedding season. This year, however, with the rise of Covid-19, there seem to be fewer church bells ringing than in years past. Planning a wedding is stressful under the best of circumstances, and a pandemic is …

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There’s Always Hope Barking Legs Theater Survey By Hope Holloway

Theater fans….Barking Legs Theater wants to hear from you! They recently posted that “we are pausing our productions for a short while to reassess how we can best continue to present and support artists through our venue and online presence”. The management wants to ensure they are presenting safely, keeping the artists going and giving …

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