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Logan Carmichael is a longtime local radio personality, now heard weekdays on WFLI 1070 AM and 97.7 FM. A native of Whitwell, he started his career as a 'tween' at South Pittsburg's WEPG before moving to the FM airwaves in Chattanooga. A self-proclaimed news junkie and history buff; he eats, sleeps, and breathes all things current events and preserving history through news and photographs. Carmichael, who co-founded MarionCountyMessenger.com in December 2010 to serve the Marion County area with breaking news, weather, and information continues to serve as Publisher of the online news site and often as a contributing author or reporter for certain events or articles.

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37 years later… A look at the Whitwell Mine #21 Tragedy on Dec. 8, 1981

“We are sharing this story again from 2017 for the memory and as a tribute to those who lost their lives in the tragic Mine 21 disaster on December 8, 1981 near Whitwell, Tennessee. We’ve added some new information at the bottom of this article detailing a new short documentary, “Mine 21,” that premiered in …

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36 years later… A look at the Whitwell Mine #21 Tragedy on Dec. 8, 1981

December 8th, 1981 was a Tuesday. It was a clear and dry day, a bit windy, but overall fairly warm for the season in Whitwell, Tenn, a small coal-mining town nestled between the foothills of the Appalachian mountains bordered by the “big city” of Chattanooga to the east and snugged-up against the Cumberland Plateau right …

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Memories: What’s that bridge for and where did it go?

History and items and structures of historic value are all around us every day, whether we’re here in Marion County or traveling anywhere else in the world! And sometimes those pieces of history can be a bit unusual, making you stop and ask… “What in the world was that for?” While some may just be …

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Memories: School Days in Marion County

Everything is in full bloom right now across the Sequatchie Valley as the temperatures are gradually warming up and even more so this week. Memorial Day is just around the corner and the unofficial start to the summertime season filled with time outdoors enjoying all the natural resources our beautiful valley has to offer whether …

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Remembering the Whitwell Mine #21 tragedy on 35th anniversary

Today we’ve taken a moment to pause and remember those lost 35 years ago in one of the worst mining accidents in Tennessee when 13 men perished on December 8th, 1981 in the Grundy Mining Company’s (a subsidiary of Tennessee Consolidated Coal) Number 21 Mine in an unincorporated area between Whitwell and Palmer, Tennessee. That …

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University study to research tornadoes on nearby Sand Mountain

When severe weather season (and specifically tornado season) is underway, it’s not uncommon to hear tornado warnings several times over the course of the season for communities along Sand Mountain in Northeast Alabama. And while this year, thus far, has been a very calm year for severe weather and specifically tornadoes in and around the …

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Saturday nights on local TV just got a bit ‘Macabre’ in Marion County

Fall is in the air and the crisp cool mornings filled with beautiful colors from the trees here in the Sequatchie Valley are a sight to behold! Those gorgeous mornings; however, give way to some crisp, cool, spooky nights this time of year! Not only is the Autumn season underway, but you can also feel …

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Nina and Pinta sail into Chattanooga….no…really!

History buffs or those who just want to see living history here at home will soon have that chance as life-size replicas of the Columbus ships ‘Nina’ and ‘Pinta’ sail into Chattanooga for display at Ross’s Landing. The ‘Nina’ was built completely by hand and without the use of power tools. According to Archaeology magazine, …

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